Ezra-cise Personal Training and Sports Massage - Testimonials
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Below are some comments I have received from previous and current clients. There are more on my Facebook page 'Ezracise'

As a registered massage therapist myself I find it really hard to find a person who is able to have the right deep pressure and techniques to make a difference. Thanks Jane Ezra Personal Training and Sports Massage Therapy for that experience! I am still feeling the wonderful benefits of you sports massage session.
Seb, Liverpool

Thanks for the fabulous sports massage Jane, it was amazing and i feel so much better for it.
Julie D, Wirral

If like me you find it hard to motivate yourself. You joined the gym, did the induction. Heard all the promises from the staff that they would be there for you but after the first few visits they always seemed to be busy and no one actually missed you when you didn 't go then Jane is for you.  You need a training buddy who can actually help and advise you on what you need to do and who can tell you the best exercises for you.  Diet help and advice is also available.  I knew it was paying off when I get my winter boots out this year and found they actually fit my not so chubby legs.  No more forcing the zip. Jane will listen to your needs and setting realistic goals while putting you in control.of your training.
Mary D, Maghull

I had a sports massage from Jane Ezra after doing a charity 60 mile bike ride. Wondering how she could help I let her give it a go! Wow! Massive help. She knew exactly what pressure to put on the certain areas that were tender. Massive help and definitely recommend her services. Thanks Jane        Michelle B, Woolton
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