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Sports Massage Therapy/ Deep Tissue Massage

Because everyone is different the pressure I apply is to what you prefer. Sometimes people can often be disappointed if not enough or too much pressure is applied for them from other therapists (resource: clients of mine who have previously been to other therapists)
 I can guarantee I will apply the pressure that you require!

Sports Massage Therapy is also greatly used by people with back pain, aching muscles or some who just want to treat themselves to a massage.
Where dysfunction is present, sports massage can improve the speed and quality of soft tissue repair through effective treatment and post-care advice.

Below are just a few examples of what Sports Massage can help with, if you don't see yours here, give me a shout and I can let you know if I can help
 Back Pain                                                          Tense shoulders
Sciatica                                                  Headaches

Scar Tissue                                            Neck Pain

Sprains and Strains                                 Hip Pain

Ligament Sprain                                      Achilles Tendonitis
 Repetitive Strain Injury                         Rheumatism
 Whiplash                                                Iliotibial Band Syndrome 
Shin Splints                                             Tennis Elbow

Golfers Elbow                                          


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