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Personal Training: How it Works

 During your free Personal Training Consultation, we will discuss your fitness goals, whether they are adding  definition, bulking up, improving your fitness levels, weight loss or recovering from an injury,
You can also have a free 30 minute training session following your consultation, so you can decide that this is definately for you!

As a fully qualified  Personal Trainer working with clients in Liverpool and Wirral, I can help you focus on your desired results. I have THE Personal Training plan to help you get maximum results.  
At your free Personal Training Consultation, we will also discuss important things, such as when you are free to train. You may want to train several times a week, or you may just want one or two Personal Training sessions a week, to fit in with your current exercise regime, its entirely up to you.
You may decide that you and a friend would like to work together and both have a Personal Trainer at the same time to reduce costs.
Whilst you are having your FREE Personal Training Consultation, we will take a look at your general lifestyle,and see what your fitness levels are currently like and once we have had a chat, and you have decided what fitness package suits your needs, I will then produce your Personal Training sessions ready for your first session.
At your first Personal Training session, in Liverpool or Wirral, depending on your current fitness regime, we will start with a warm-up, ranging from 5-10 or 10-15 minutes.
In this first Personal Training session, we can establish what weights and resistance levels are currently suitable to you, I will be motivating you all the way, and as you are given one to one Personal Training attention, I will ensure you are using correct form and technique for each exercise, and that you get the most from your Personal Training in Liverpool or Wirral, without getting injured.
For this and future Personal Training sessions, I will demonstrate each exercise before you attempt it yourself, and explain the benefits of each exercise, eg.which parts of the body it is working.
After the main part of your Personal Training in Liverpool or Wirral, we will then have a cool down involving stretching exercises, some clients have a Sports Massage after their Personal Training session, as this helps reduce DOMS (delayed onset of muscle soreness): the aches usually felt the following day from a good Personal Training session. 
Then we shall book in for your next fun Personal Training in Liverpool or Wirral.
Personal Training can be at your home, office, or in the local park, as with all my clients the choice is yours.
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