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  • It is a very beautiful watch band, colorful, cute, baby will like to observe their fingers from about 3 months, they will like to look at their fingers and suck their fingers, so you can bring your baby's wristband that can make your baby easily find his own small hand.

  • EASY TO PUT ON AND REMOVE : The wrist rattle wraps attach with simple Velcro, so they are easy to put on and remove.

  • The baby rattles come in a vibrant array of colors and patterns, making it extremely interesting to your baby. Can help babies easily distinguishing between different patterns,colors,and recognizing faces and noise. Encourages baby to discovery improves baby's hand-eye.

  • BRIGHT COLORFUL: These bright colors and designs make this baby rattles easy to find. Bright colors,patterns and smiling animal faces visually stimulate your baby's vision and focus, encourage baby to touch and explore.

  • There are built-in small rattles in the insect, which can make a soft rustling sound (the sound is light, this is to let the baby to find it), which can attract the baby's attention. When the babies wear it, they can hear the ring with just a little movement and give them a world of sound.

  • Baby Rattle Baby Wrist Rattle And Foot Rattles Finder Socks Set For Babies & Infant Toy Socks & Baby Wrist Rattle - Newborn Toys For Baby Girls & Boys. Baby Boy Girl Toys Baby Wrist Rattles B083X9XJKF

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